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Chinook Trail (180B)

Known by locals as the Kloochman Butte Trail, Beginning at the junction with the Tarbell trail, the route follows an old road grade through young Douglas-fir forests then breaks out into meadows as it climbs a gentle ridge towards Silver Star Mountain. Some of the meadows near the upper trailhead at the junction with the Silver Star Trail are really beautiful and offer great views.

The first 1/2 mile or so is on DNR lands, then the remainder is administered by the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

The trails is about 1.2 miles in length, however you can't drive to the trailhead, rather it is combined with a hike originating from a trailhead for the Tarbell Trail. There are several DNR Trailheads that provide access to the Tarbell Trail including the Tarbell Picnic Area, Rock Creek Campground and the Grouse Vista Trailhead.
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Tarbell Trail, Chinook, Silver Star Mountain - Ed's Trail, Kloochman Butte Trail 180B, Grouse Vista Trail 180F — Oct 31, 2010 — Ryan Ojerio
Day hike
Features: Fall foliage
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This is a great loop hike with a waterfall, open meadows, a rock arch, scenic vista's and a great su...
This is a great loop hike with a waterfall, open meadows, a rock arch, scenic vista's and a great summit view. In all I think it was around 12 miles.

I set out to see how some of the views would be affected by the BPA proposal to put high transmission lines through a new corridor just west of Silver Star Mountain. Although you would see the lines along the section of the Tarbell Trail that I did, they would be very present in the views from the Kloochman Butte, Silver Star mt. and Grouse Vista trails.

I started at the Grouse Vista Trailhead and took the Tarbell Trail (DNR) for about 5 miles to Hidden Falls. Along the way you pass through a new clear-cut which is a stark contrast to the lush forest at the falls. Then I continued on to the jct of with the Kloochman Butte Trail which is also part of the Chinook Trail system.

The Kloochman Butte Trail climbs through some very pretty meadows to the north ridge of Silver Star Mountain. If you stay straight at the junction wit the Silver Star Mt. Trail, you'll end up on Ed's Trail just before the memorial to the visionary trail builder and co-founder of the Chinook Trail Association.

I followed Ed's Trail south through some patches of snow, up the rocky scramble and to the jct with the Bluff Mt. Trail. From there it is a little tricky since there are a couple of confusing intersections. I continued south past the jct for the Indian Pits spur (180E) and went on to the Grouse Vista Trail.

The Grouse Vista Trail is really an old road so it is very rocky were it has been eroded. Where the trail traverses across the ridge it is not bad, but the steeper rocky sections are not very fun. I almost slipped on looks rocks covered by wet leaves several times.

Just south west of Pyramid Rock I wandered off trail about 100 yards to the grassy ridge top to look out to the east and got a great view of Mt. Hood!

The fall colors were really nice although I missed their peak by a couple weeks I think. Along the way I met some deer hunters on Ed's Trail, I was glad to have my orange vest on!
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One-View Trail, Poo Poo Point , Section Line Trail, Chinook Trail (180B), Tiger Mountain Trail North, High Point Creek, Tradition Plateau, West Tiger Railroad Grade, Preston Trail, Poo Top, Hidden Forest — Feb 10, 2004 — Whitebark
Day hike
Issues: Blowdowns | Mudholes | Snow on trail
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Just did a long ramble on Tiger Mountain to enjoy the February sunshine and to check out the condit...
 Just did a long ramble on Tiger Mountain to enjoy the February sunshine and to check out the condition of the storm damaged trails. The good news is that repairs have proceeded apace, and most trails are now useable. Here's a summary of the trails that I hiked:

Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) from Tradition Lake TH to Highpoint Creek

The trail has been cleared out and is in good condition, with just a bit of mud in spots. Impressive storm damage area at ridge where Anschels Allee starts.

TMT shortcut trail to West Tiger Railroad Grade

This useful trail is not on the Green Trails Map. It begins shortly beyond the second bridge over the west branch of Highpoint Creek, near the spot where the TMT starts switchbacking downhill. Once you find it, you discover that's its a pretty decent path with real switchbacks, not just a fall-line rut like you'd expect. The trail has not been cleared, but is useable. One bad blowdown has wiped out a switchback, forcing an awkward detour.

West Tiger RR grade from TMT shortcut to Preston Trail at 2100' junction.

The first portion of the trail has not been cleared, but suffered little storm damage and can be walked easily. Upon reaching the TMT, the trail is fully cleared.

Preston Trail, 2100' junction to W Tiger 1 summit

Fully Cleared. There's an area of tremendous storm damage with logs piled on top of each other in a jackstraw jumble. Chainsawers must have had a grand time there. Snow begins at about 2500', only a few inches deep and no obstacle to travel.

Poo Top Trail

Not cleared, but suffered relatively little damage and easily hiked. Just a few fallen trees on the trail. The main problem is that the faint trail tread can be hard to spot under the branch debris littering the path.

Hidden Forest Trail above TMT

Not Cleared and hit pretty hard with storm damage. Toppled trees provide frequent obstacles. Can be hiked with a little patience. Luckily this section of trail is only 0.2 miles long.

One View Trail

Fully cleared and easy to hike. Some of the most awesome storm damage on Tiger Mtn occured here. I can't even imagine what the wind speed reached here during the storm, looks like a tornado hit.

West Tiger RR grade from Poopoo point trail to Section Line Trail.

Mostly Cleared and hikeable. Trail is damaged by mudslides and rootball craters in Many Creek Valley.

Section Line Trail from TMT to Talus connector

This super-steep trail is partially cleared and useable. Some large logs still on the ground have handy steps and grab handles cut into them. This trail is a prime candidate for regrading; it could use a few switchbacks. The current overly steep tread is getting too much use and is eroding.

Nook Trail

Cleared and in good shape.
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View from the upper end of the Chinook Trail near the junction with the Silver Star Trail.
WTA worked here!
Chinook Trail (#180B)
South Cascades
Mount St. Helens Administrative Area
Roundtrip 2.4 miles
Elevation Gain 1340 ft
Highest Point 3780 ft
Fall foliage
Mountain views
User info
May encounter mountains bikes
Northwest Forest Pass required

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