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Lake George

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Gobblers Knob, Lake George — Jul 21, 2013 — 1BLESSEDX3
Day hike
Features: Wildflowers blooming
Issues: Bugs
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Today’s destination ….Gobblers Knob via West Side Road. We arrived at the gate on West Side Roa...
Today’s destination ….Gobblers Knob via West Side Road. We arrived at the gate on West Side Road at about 1100. There were about eight cars parked there. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The sun was shining and any cloud cover lifted just before we reached Mount Rainier. We had a quick snack and drink before climbing on our mountain bikes and heading on up the road.

We biked the 3.5 miles up the old gravel and rocky road to Round Pass. At about ¼ mile in we had to get off our bikes and walk them over this wooden log bridge. Then we proceeded on. Once we reached Round Pass, we parked our bikes and secured them in the bike rack provided at the trailhead for Lake George & Gobblers Knob.

After parking our bikes, we proceeded to Lake George, which is .9 miles from the trailhead. The trail took us through a nice forested area where we would soon get some of our first views of our mountain and oh was she beautiful. As long as I’ve lived in Washington (my whole life…lol), I never get tired of seeing Mount Rainier. Every view is different and unique. We proceed on and in no time at all we make it to Lake George.

I stopped off at the outhouse which wasn’t all that nice, but then again I haven’t seen many that are. There is a nice Patrol Cabin at Lake George and a nice shelter in place just above the lake.

Lake George was beautiful. The suns rays sparkled like diamonds on the water. By now I was hot and sweaty and the water looked so inviting. I told my boyfriend we should go for a swim. He wasn’t so keen on the idea, but I was. But instead we sat on some logs by the lake and enjoyed a quick snack and got something to drink. By now the bugs were terrible. They were swarming all around us, in our face in our eyes…yuck. Thankfully I had some Deep Woods Off Wipes and we used those to wipe ourselves down and that seemed to help. At least they were no longer landing on us, but still being irritating by flying around us.

We left lake George and headed up to Gobblers Knob which would be another 1.4 miles. As we left Lake George we past a few snow patches on and off trail. They were nothing major and easily passable. The sides of the trail was lined with Avalanche Lilies. They were so beautiful. I could have sat there all day taking pictures but we were on a mission. We climbed steadily into the forest. We climbed and we climbed and we climbed. There were plenty of areas where the sun was beating down on us. We had sweat dripping down our face not just from the sun but from the relentless switchbacks taking us up.

We reached the crossroad with the Goat Lake Trail which would have been 1.1 miles from that point or we could continue to Gobblers Knob which was only another .4 miles. The boyfriend suggested we should trek down to Goat Lake, but unfortunately I was beat and just wanted to get to the top and take a break.

We continued on when Ron stopped for a moment to tell me there was a grouse on the trail in front of him. I missed it. It had already scampered off the trail and into the bushes. We pushed on towards the top. We reached some rock outcroppings, and this is where we got an amazing view of Mount Rainier so we took a couple pics here. This was the last push before the top. We made it, Gobblers Knob Fire Tower Lookout was right in front of us and the view we’d been waiting for was right there in front of us. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and a better view, it was amazing. It was worth every drop of sweat! We even got to see Mount Saint Helens off in the distance. It was a little hazy over that way so we didn’t get really clear shots but it was still a nice bonus.

We spent about an hour up top chatting with another couple and taking in the beauty of the majestic Mount Rainier before heading back down. We headed back down at about 3 pm. We made it back down to Lake George in record time and there wasn’t a sole in site. So what did I decide to do  Well the water was just to inviting and I decided to just go for it and hop no hikers happened upon us. I stripped down and dove on in for a quick dip in the ever so inviting Lake George. It was cool and refreshing.

After my little dip, we hit the trail and headed back to our bikes. Once back at the trailhead, we hoped on our bikes and flew down the road. We were like two speed racers as we made our way down the hill. We passed two sets of hikers on the way down who for some reason didn’t seem to happy they had to move to one side to let us by. It could have been they were looking at us and thinking “Oh man, I wish we could glide down the next 2 miles like that, instead we have to keep walking” We made it back to the gate and to our truck at 5 pm. It was a great day for another amazing hike in one our favorite places Mount Rainier National Park.

Happy Hiking All!
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Lake George — Jul 13, 2013 — Lindsay
Features: Wildflowers blooming
Issues: Bugs
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Beautiful weather, 70 degrees, no clouds. We backpacked in to Lake George which is a 4.9 mile hike. ...
Beautiful weather, 70 degrees, no clouds. We backpacked in to Lake George which is a 4.9 mile hike. The hike is along a gravel/rocky road for the first 4 miles. It is still pretty, in the trees, but few views. At 4 miles you come to Round Pass, look to your left for the trail marker to Lake George. From the trail marker it is another .9 miles up a steeper elevation (which we weren't expecting according to Mt. Rainier website). However, the last .9 miles are beautiful on a normal woodland trail with magnificent views of Mt. Rainier. Lake George is a crystal clear lake surrounded by trees, mountains and rocky peaks. There are 5 wilderness campsites which you need a wilderness camping permit for. I definitely recommend staying here! Do the 1.6 mile hike further up to Gobbler's Knob! Must do that!!
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South Puyallup To Klapatche, Lake George, Gobblers Knob, South Puyallup To Wonderland — Sep 17, 2012 — zhong
Multi-night backpack
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9/17-19. Overnight Monday at Lake George, and Tuesday at Klapatche Park. Good thing about weekday hi...
9/17-19. Overnight Monday at Lake George, and Tuesday at Klapatche Park. Good thing about weekday hike is that it's easy to get these wilderness permits.

Westside Road to Round Pass (~3.8 miles) is bike-able, especially coming back. All it takes is gravity. The road is rough only on a few spots, especially at about a few minutes in, a log was used to let the foot passengers through. I pushed my bike in water. Good it was not deep and it was short. Even though the grade is gentle, I pretty much pushed my bike rather than ride it all the way to Round Pass.

At Round Pass, there's a bike rack. My bike is the only one there. Behind the rack is the trail head to Lake George. 5 individual sites, 1 group site, 1 bear pole, 1 shelter. Not really any view of the lake from the camp sites, nor much view of Mt Rainier (trees blocking most of it).

Gobbler's Knob is excellent. 360 degree view. Well worth going. Only 1.6 miles from Lake George.

South Puyallup camping area is next to some interesting rock formation. But the river is too muddy to cook with.

St Andrews' Lake is probably half of its max size. Aurora Lake has only little water left, with grass floating on it. Undrinkable. I cooked my dinner and breakfast at St Andrews' Lake. On the other side of St Andrews' Lake, a trail goes up to a butte for a good view.

Klapatche Park has 4 sites. Very nice. Close to the trail. Sitting on the log by the campsite at night and watching the fading Mt Rainier and myriad of stars is my best time of the hike, or arguably one of the best backpacking experiences.
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Gobblers Knob, Lake George — Aug 28, 2012 — Hikingqueen
Day hike
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We went in via FS RD 59 to Glacier View trail. Go right at the junction, stopping at Goat Lake along...
We went in via FS RD 59 to Glacier View trail. Go right at the junction, stopping at Goat Lake along the way, then getting to Rainier Border, then up to Lookout. Trail is nice and easy to follow, very peaceful going along beljica meadows, back into the forest, lots of up and down on this trail. We were so EXCITED to reach the LO! Weather was changing constantly and we hung out up here for over an hour watching the clouds go in and out and wondering if we would ever get the full on shot we wanted. But it was almost better not, more dramatic and mysterious looking with just pieces of mountain showing at all different times. We ate and laughed and shot LOTS of photos. The best saying was "BUT LOOK AT THE MOUNTAIN NOW!" We finally decided to head down and the girls said let's tag george lake too, i thought about that up, but when are we doing to have the chance again, so we cruised downhill all the way. It was a quick decend. The lake was green/blue gorgeous and the shelter & cabin were really cool. We filtered water and rested then headed back up and back the way we came. Long day but worth every step.
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Lake George, Gobblers Knob, West Side Road — Aug 03, 2012 — Mosyrosie
Multi-night backpack
Features: Wildflowers blooming
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My husband and I backpacked to Lake George starting, Friday, August 3, 2012. We started about noon...
My husband and I backpacked to Lake George starting, Friday, August 3, 2012. We started about noon on a warm day. Going up West Side Road was not bad. We hiked to Round Pass where the Lake George trailhead was located on the left. When we reached the lake, it was so emerald green, really beautiful and serene. We were the only ones there so we chose campsite 5 as it had a nice lake view and was close to water. There were hardly any bugs, it was great. My husband and I were the only ones staying at the campground. We did not even have to put our rain fly on our tent as the weather was great! On Saturday, we decided to hike up to Gobblers Nob Lookout, then hike to Goat Lake. There were some small spots of snow on the trail to Gobblers Nob, the trail was really good. The avalanche lillies were beautiful! At Gobblers Nob the views were so awesome! We could see Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood. Also had a great view of Mt. Wow and Mt. Beljica. After Gobblers Nob Lookout, we hiked to Goat Lake. The trail to Goat Lake is quite narrow with lots of over growth, but the trail can be seen. Goat Lake was also beautiful. We had a nice lunch there then headed back to our campsite at Lake George. When we got back to our campsite, there were still no other campers in site, so we had the area to ourselves again, it was so quiet. On Sunday, after a nice breakfast, we got our backpacks ready to head back down to our vehicle. We had a wonderful three days. Great lakes, lookout, seclusion and trails.
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Mt. Rainier -- SE - Longmire / Paradise

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