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St. Andrews Park

Aug 04, 2010

by Mosyrosie last modified Aug 08, 2010 06:35 AM
Type of Outing
Multi-night backpack
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Hike: St. Andrews Park - St. Andrews Lake
Region: Mt. Rainier -- SE - Longmire / Paradise
Trails: South Puyallup Trail (#), St. Andrews Creek (#)
Avg Rating: 3.00
Why You Should Go Now
Wildflowers blooming
Be Aware Of
St. Andrews Lake
Started our backpack trip on Wednesday afternoon. Our destination was South Puyallup River camp, then St. Andrews Lake on Thursday. We walked the road 4.1 miles to the South Puyallup River trailhead. It was a little buggy, but not bad. At Round Pass we were surprised to see a toliet at the trail head. There is also a Marine Memoral there where a plane crashed on the Glacier in 1946. The trail to South Puyallup River camp was very nice as we passed through a deep forest, nice and shady. Right before we arrived at the camp, on the right of us we saw tall colonnades of columnar andesite. The columns were hexagonal, apparently formed when hot lava flowed into the valley, the pattern developed as a result of shrinkage during cooling. We found a nice campsite under tall fir trees near the S. Puyallup River. After a great nights sleep, we headed up the 3.7 mi. trail to St. Andrews Lake. The trail had nice broad switchbacks, but was very brushy in places. Lots of wildflowers, Cow Parsnip, Bear Grass, Trillium, Columbia Tiger Lily, Yellow Fawn Lily, and many others, very beautiful! Buggy on the way up, but not too bad. Very little snow on the trail. St. Andrews Lake was beautiful. The lake had some snow. We had a wonderful lunch on a large rock enjoying the views of the Puyallup and Tahoma Glaciers as well as Tokaloo Rock and Spire. It was hard to head back to the our camp. We camped Thurday night and headed out on Friday. It was a great trip and highly recommend it.
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