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Mt Peak (Pinnacle Peak) S of Enumclaw

Apr 27, 2003

by IndianaTheWonderDog last modified Nov 25, 2009 03:26 PM
Type of Outing
Day hike
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Hike: Pinnacle Peak
Region: Mt. Rainier
Avg Rating: 2.73

My human finally got off his lazy butt and, after a quick stop at the cardboard recycling bin, drove us over to Mt Peak. I'd have driven, I'm sure I can, but he says since my paws don't have thumbs it'd be hard for me to grip the wheel. Plus it'd be hard to reach the pedals, so I let him drive.

Anyway, we got to Mt Peak on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There were a lot of cars parked at the trailhead, probably fifteen or twenty. It was perfect weather for hiking, even with the doggie backpack that my stupid human loaded me up with.

(He said it was because we're going to start training to get in shape for this summer's hiking, but I noticed HE wasn't wearing any pack, the lazy doofus.)

The trail was in pretty good shape. Mt Peak is pretty steep- you gain 1100 feet in around a mile- so doggie paws (and people feet) stomp down moderately heavily on the trail. Some wackos trail run up and down the hill- there were a couple of them, as usual. There's lots of roots and rocks exposed, but nothing new or out of the ordinary (for those who've hiked here before). The trail doesn't have any loose spots on it, almost all nicely packed dirt.

It *was* a tad muddy in spots, but nothing dangerously slick. Mt Peak's trail goes up the north side of the hill so it's almost always got at least a few wet, slimy, muddy spots, but on the other hand it's so steep that there's never any super-serious mud bogs. Too bad, I like puddles and mud. There is one spot where the springs always flow over the trail, but the humans do a good job of keeping that spot passable like it is right now.

As always, no snow, friendly people on the hike, and I even saw one of those crazy little wiener dogs. Man, I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw that guy- not only are his legs about 3 inches long, but he was FAT. He seemed embarrassed and ran behind his human instead of coming over to say hello.

When we came down my owner said ""it's going to rain soon."" He was watching the clouds build up from over the foothills. Mt Peak sits on the SE edge of town and it's weird, the local weather patterns can make these baby thunderheads build up and rain there sometimes. It wasn't raining in the center of town and everywhere else in King County it was nice and sunny.

My human says that you have to watch out or be prepared for rain, even if it's nice, because you never quite know what the hills will do to the clouds. On the flip side since the entire trail is under trees and stuff, you wouldn't ever get really soaked on Mt Peak because you could wait out the rain a bit.

All in all it was a pretty good hike. I'm lucky that my stupid human lives in Enumclaw and we can be at Mt Peak in 5 minutes' drive, I just wish he'd A) go more often and B) not make me wear the backpack and carry the water.

That's your report for now from Indiana The Wonderdog. I think my human is serious about hiking some more, so you might run into us sometime on the trails... woof.

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