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Lake Isabel

Mar 20, 2004

by Jamin Smitchger last modified Nov 06, 2008 03:17 PM
Type of Outing
Day hike
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Hike: Lake Isabel
Region: Central Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West
Agency: Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie NF, Skykomish District
Avg Rating: 3.00

Lake Isabel: Location; near Gold Bar. When I reached the road that leads to the motorcycle bridge over May Creek (labeled footbrige on the topo map), I noticed that the logging company had graded it and left it in vastly better shape than it was previously. This road enabled me to get up to about 1200 feet on my bike. Then I walked down the old motorcycle trail and tried to get down to the motorcycle bridge over may creek; however, the turnoff down to the bridge was covered with about 8 or 9 downed trees and I missed it, got lost, and stumbled around in the woods for about an hour. From the motorcycle bridge you can find the old road and walk up it for about a mile, or you can find the shortcut which is a trail that cuts the distance in half. When I went, this trail was covered in branches, some trees, and was pretty hard to follow. I would not reccomend using this trail unless you are good at routefinding or go to this lake during the summer when the hordes use it enough to make it easy to follow. The trail eventually connects with the old road (shown as a trail on topo maps) which you can follow up to the old log bridge that recrosses the creek at about the 1900 foot level.From the bridge, continue up the road and take the left fork which is sort of hard to find. Go up that road until you find some flagging on the left which marks the trail. Go up the trail until you hit the waterfall and then find the trail that goes to the lake. Make sure to bring a garbage bag because this is a popular lake which receives a ton of visitors. What else would you expect at a mile long lake at 2800 feet that has easy access. Don,t expect to be alone or to have peace and quiet. I met four people at the lake and a fellow in a jeep told me about someone else who had been there that day. This will be a lot worse when the fish thaw out and the lake opens up. By the way, if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle or an atv you can cheat and probably get to this lake in less than an hour from the old road. If you do decide to go fishing in this lake, the best fishing is in the morning or evening. Although there are rumors of lake trout, don't get your hopes up because the main type of fish you will catch is stunted eastern brook trout 8 to 9 inches long or smaller. The lake is currently frozen but will open up in a few weeks. By the way, if you don't like motorbikers zooming past you, do not go to this lake because the easiest way is through rieter pit which has tons of off road enthusiasts.

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