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Fay Peak,Spray Falls,Knapsack Pass,Mt Pleasant,Hessong Rock,Spray Park

Jul 05, 2004

by Magellan and Quetzalcoatl last modified Dec 21, 2011 11:54 AM
Type of Outing
Day hike
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Hike: Fay Peak
Region: Mt. Rainier -- NW - Carbon River / Mowich
Avg Rating: 1.00
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Hike: Knapsack Pass
Region: Mt. Rainier
Avg Rating: 2.75
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Hike: Hessong Rock and Mount Pleasant
Region: Mt. Rainier -- NW - Carbon River / Mowich

Three perfect trips in eight days. I'm not bragging, but wow. It's two hours from north Seattle to Mowich Lake. Here we made friends with Jens and Annette. We stayed together most of the trip, with Jens scouting the way, leading the route, and waiting patiently for us at the top. Find the ranger station on the SE shore. Just to the left is a big log to step over where the trail starts. The abandoned path is muddy and snowy at this time, probably just muddy in fall. Eventuall we lost it, but just stay close to the creek into the upper basin. About 5700' we headed almost due south, up ever steepening snow. Steps were good, ice axe was comforting, with occasional rock. Reaching the notch just east of Fay, Big Tahoma is up close and personal. Scramble easily up Fay. To get to Pleasant we had to drop much further into the basin than imagined. (5800') It's very open, so cliff dodging is easy. Only when more than halfway to Pleasant did a path appear. We headed up snow to the col between Hessong and Pleasant, although a fairly easy gap is reached just north of Pleasant. An easy trail led to the top. Down again to the col and over to the north side of Hessong. At this time there is plenty of snow, some of which has an unpleasant runout. We stayed low, heading up at the last second. Another easy path to the top. We did not see a reasonable way off the south side, so we backtracked to the col, and glissaded most of the way to Spray Park. Avalanche Lilies are popping now! More mud and snow, then an obligatory side trip to Spray Falls which are totally raging. The trail back to Mowich made a complete loop.

O/W 7+ miles, 2700' cumulative gain, a casual 6:00 car to car.

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