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Boundary #533,Tungsten #534,Windy Creek #510.1,Lesamiz #565,Fire Creek #561,Remmel Mtn,Coleman Ridge #505,Chewuch #510

Oct 05, 2004

by Sawyer last modified Sep 10, 2008 02:54 PM
Type of Outing
Day hike
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Hike: Tungsten
Region: North Cascades
Trails: Tungsten (#534)
Avg Rating: 3.00
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Hike: Fire Creek
Region: North Cascades
Trails: Fire Creek (#561)
Avg Rating: 4.00
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Hike: Coleman Ridge
Region: North Cascades -- Mount Baker Highway
Trails: Coleman Ridge (#505)
Avg Rating: 3.00
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Hike: Cathedral
Region: Eastern Washington
Trails: Cathedral (#510.1)
Avg Rating: 2.75
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Hike: Lesamiz
Region: North Cascades
Trails: Lesamiz (#565)
Avg Rating: 1.75
Be Aware Of
Bridge out
Clogged drainage
Water on trail

We completed the following 5-day trip in gorgeous weather, enjoying golden larches and gol-darn if it weren't a ton o' fun. The lower Chewuch River trail is closed due to restoration (for a couple weeks apparently), so we drove the round-about way to road 300. Yuck. And it was loooonnngg. (On the way out we used pavement by heading further east going through Omak, etc.)

The trail from Windy Creek down to the Chewuch is a little steep but plenty serviceable. Then up the Chewuch then part-way up the Tungsten Creek trail to a campsite near the swampy area shown on the Greentrails map (5900'). There is a campsite next to the trail, big enough for our large party. Several sections of the days trails went through mud pits where the trail is getting wider and wider.

Day 2 we jumped off to the junction of the Boundary trail, and enjoyed the Tungsten mine and it's interesting artifacts. We turned west on the Boundary to Upper Cathedral Lake. En route we walked up Wolframite and Apex, then climbed Cathedral Peak (one class 4 move). These trails also had a few muddy sections but glorious views of larches and Cathedral Peak.

Day 3 we tucked in Lower Cathedral Lake and Rambo peak, then headed south on the confusing trails under Amphitheater. En route we tagged Rambo and Amphitheater Mtn, then headed past Remmel and down to the Chewuch trail again. There is an amazing amount of water in the Pasayten, and some of these trails go through some swamps and bogs and hummocks. Hoppity hop along the rocks! We hiked up the Four Point Creek to its namesake lake for camp. Some burned trees, downed timber and boggy tread.

Day 4 we continued SW to the slopes of Remmel Mtn. Here we found the ancient and venerable abandoned tread leading to the former lookout site, in great shape. There are a few slightly confusing spots but keep looking for tread a bit further. Then we headed south towards Coleman Ridge on its abandoned trail. Lots of this area is confusing but we managed to tease out the route, sometimes following cairns and ducks, sometimes guessing. This trail doesn't get much travel. We dropped down Fire Creek all the way to Chewuch for camp. Much of the trails are wet and boggy. Lots of downed timber and burned trees.

Day 5 we retraced steps back to the trailhead for a short hike, followed by the long drive via Hwy 97.

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