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Discover Pass Info

About the newly enacted Washington Discover Pass.

With days left in the legislative session, the Discover Pass bill (SB 5622) was  enacted. This new permit will help ensure Washington's state trails will continue to be accessible to hikers.

Washington Trails Association is pleased to see these special places receive dedicated funding. We believe the Discover Pass is an important safety net to supplement recreation funding, but these funds should not replace appropriated general fund dollars in times of state prosperity. WTA will continue to work to ensure at Washington's hiking trails are open and accessible for generations to come.

image map of state parks DNR lands
Click here to see an interactive map of Washington State Parks, DNR lands, and WDFW lands that where a Discover Pass will be needed starting July 1, 2011. Note that this is not a complete list.
Washington's dire budget deficit has slashed state recreation funding. Without new and dedicated sources of funding, many parks and state lands would have closed this year. The new bill establishes a vehicle access pass called the "Discover Pass" that will be needed park at Washington State Parks, Department of Natural Resource lands and Department of Fish and Wildlife lands. You can read the full bill, as it passed the legislature here.

The cost of an annual pass will be $30, or $10 for a day pass and both will be subject to vendor fees. The pass will be per vehicle rather than per person, and the annual pass will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Over the course of the legislative session and after the bill passed, WTA had an F.A.Q. on this page about the Discover Pass. Since then, the agencies have set up a website with up-to-the minute information about the Discover Pass - what it covers, where it can be purchased, how you can get a free pass by volunteering and more.

>> Discover more about the Discover Pass at:

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