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Trail Work Party Schedule

When can you join one of our volunteer work parties?

We specialize in introducing new people to the joy of trail work. We know that by investing our time in helping you to learn and have fun, you'll pay us back by showing up again. To learn more about all the quirks and perks of trail work visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions and browse through our Trail Work Guide.


  • The"Free Pass" column most commonly indicates when a trip is on Forest Service land on which you will earn a one-day Northwest Forest Pass. It also indicates when a trip is on State Land on which you will earn a voucher towards a Discovery Pass. Find more information, here.
  • You may contact the office at or 206/625-1367 to be put on the waitlist for any trip showing as "Full"

The summer backcountry trips schedule is available! Click on Volunteer Vacations, BCRTs and Youth Opportunities below to view the schedule. 


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