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Vacation Pack List

List of things to bring for Washington Trails Association Volunteer Vacations ****

  • Two or three 1-liter water bottles
  • Work gloves. Atlas-type gloves are great. Leather also work well in dry conditions. (Bring an extra pair in case they get wet)
  • Long pants for work – “Trail Geek Fashion” includes Carhartt pants, long-sleeved hickory shirt, WTA suspenders and leather gloves.
  • Spare clothes for leisure hours (bathing suit, shorts, hats, leisure shoes/sandals, shirt)
  • Good hiking/work boots- well broke in
  • Any special dietary stuff/medication and/or vitamins
  • Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, toiletries, suntan lotion, etc)
  • Personal coffee mug
  • First aid kit (WTA provides major splints, etc), but consider bringing personal size
  • Rain gear (Preferable heavy-duty that can fit over your work clothes)
  • Tent with fly and ground cloth
  • Sleeping bag and pad (and liner for cold nights and/or to keep your bag clean)
  • Head lamp or flash light
  • Dry warm clothes (preferably poly pro) or fleece
  • Insect repellent and mosquito netting hat (can find at Army Navy Surplus or Outdoor Research and they fit nicely over hardhats)
  • Day pack or something to carry lunch water, gloves and other personal items while we are working (you can use your full backpack if you prefer)
  • Bandanas or handkerchiefs
  • WTA hard hat (if you already have one!). WTA will issue new hardhats to new
  • Sunscreen + sun hat + sun glasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Lunch and snacks for the first day hike to camp!

Optional Items

  • Long sleeve shirt recommened
  • Camp chair and sit pad for lunch at work site
  • Camera
  • Book or cards or other entertainment items
****Be sure to check out your gear 4 weeks prior so you can make any needed repalcements
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