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I grew up in tiny Weaverville, California, near the Trinity Alps Wilderness and began hiking at an early age. I did day hikes, overnight backpacks, week-long backpacks and snowshoe trips with friends, and with Explorer Scouts. I spent my student career at Stanford, then took a job in the Tri-Cities (Richland, WA.) While there, I was active with the Inter-Mountain Alpine Club (I-MAC) and did many hikes and backpacks with them. I particularly recall trips to the Wind Rivers, Sawtooths, Glacier Park and Mt. Assiniboine. I've also done some hiking in Hawaii and in Australia. I managed to climb a few Northwest high points, including Mts. Hood, Adams, and St. Helens (while it still had a summit!) plus Mts. Stuart and Cashmere. I've been an Anacortes resident since 2018, and before that lived in Seattle for about 20 years. Today, I mostly do day hikes, and have contributed a number of Hike Descriptions to the WTA hiking guide. My trail name was suggested by an artist friend, Nicholas Kirsten who paints under the name Honshin. He's a former Seattle resident and occasional hiker, now working in Sedona, AZ. When he learned I had once taken a class in quantum mechanics he immediately dubbed me the Quantum Guru. While I did take the class, "Guru" is a huge exaggeration. But I have retained the name.

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