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Trip Report

Mount David — Saturday, Sep. 5, 2020

Central Cascades

Returned to Mt. David after looking up at it for eight years and wondering when I would accept the challenge to return.  This is a great, albeit quite long and strenuous hike.  The views from the summit are spectacular, in fact the views from the ridge line portion of the hike after 4 miles of climbing in the trees are spectacular too.  This is an old lookout site, so the trail was designed for pack animals to resupply, the climb is for the most part steady and we were able to keep up a 2+ mph pace.  There are only a couple of points where scrambling is required or there is significant exposure.  That said this is NOT a hike for folks that aren't comfortable with exposure, in particular the summit pitch is not for the faint of heart.  It was warm, there isn't any reliable water on the hike once you leave the White River and I consumed 90% of a 3 litter camel back.

15 miles recorded on multiple digital devices, 5500' of climbing.  Only a tiny snow patch to cross, a dozen or so logs down on the trail in the first 4 miles, before you reach the open ridges, much fewer then on my previous visit.     There were modest numbers of sweet huckleberries along the ridge.

No bugs, except for flying ants right on the summit,  move down 15 feet and there were far fewer.  Saw 6 additional hikers which is probably about as crowded as this hike ever gets, not bad for Labor Day Weekend.  The famous stone privy is worth looking for, hint just west of the summit, along the narrow ridge line.  

The gravel portion of White River road, is in pretty good shape, high clearance or 4 wheel drive not required this year.