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Trip Report

Lichtenwasser Lake Snowshoe — Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020

Central Cascades

Have long wanted to go to Lichtenwasser.  Avalanche conditions were reasonable, very important to check before doing this hike.  We hiked in the Smithbrook road from RT 2 about 2 miles to the first big switch back.  We headed west, had to find safe stream crossings, be patient, there are alternatives, don't literally jump at the first point you find, make sure you are going from flat spot to flat spot, the creek can be pretty far down in the snow and you don't want to have to climb out of there.

The climb up to Lichtenwasser is steep,  very steep, 1000' in roughly 3/4 of a mile.  Getting the snowshoes to bite was a challenge.

So was it worth it?,  well maybe.  It was a beautiful snowy lake, but there are many snowy lakes that are a lot easier to get to.  That said i will likely give this hike a try in the fall to be able to really see the lake and the beautiful basin surrounding it.