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Trip Report

Alta Vista Loop, Glacier Vista - Panorama Point, Skyline Trail Loop, Camp Muir, Anvil Rock & Muir Peak — Friday, Jun. 25, 2021

Mount Rainier Area

Route: Alta Vista -> Glacier Vista -> Anvil Rock -> Muir Peak -> The Sugarloaf -> McClure Rock -> Panorama Point

Nice drive into the park for a Paradise arrival at around 7:30am: Was behind a cop from Puyallup to Alder Lake so just flew through that part, then no one in front of me on the road all the way to the visitor center so I could really enjoy it.

There were a couple dozen folks on the trail by 8am, and the snow was already starting to get mushy. There are a few places where the trails are bare of snow, but mostly you're on it straight from the parking lot. Pretty much choose your own adventure below and above the big switchback on the Skyline, but everyone was funneling through there.

There were a couple superficial crevasses on the snowfield, nothing dangerous. I had each of the seven peaks/points to myself, which was neat. The hordes were ascending as I descended in poor-quality snow that did little to promote glissading anywhere but the steepest sections. I anticipate that by tomorrow it'll be slushy on most of the lower route even in the morning, and by Monday afternoon the whole mountain will be a sopping mess.

I used poles and no traction to ascend and had my axe out for glissading on the descent but rarely used it. Drank four liters of water and it wasn't enough; put on SPF 50 four times and that wasn't enough either.

It was a minor zoo between Panorama Point and Paradise by 3pm. Anyone heading up this weekend should be prepared for miserable conditions in terms of snow, heat, and crowds.