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Trip Report

Mount St. Helens - Monitor Ridge

South Cascades

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Hiked Jun 25, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Difficult stream crossing(s),
    Muddy or wet trail.


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were an annoyance


Snowfields to cross - could be difficult

Written and hiked by a 12 year old boy

We went to Mount Saint Helens Summit with a group of 9 people. We expected it to be a lot of fun, but we also packed a lot of essentials. Plus, there were trip reports of people injured or even spent an unexpected night on the mountain. So, we need to be extra safe and careful.

We wanted to finish the hike before nighttime. We first calculated the time. We slept at a hotel resort, waked up at 3:30am, got to trailhead by 5:30, and start hiking. We planned to reach the top at 11:30 and back to trailhead by 3:00pm. We expected to be home by 7:00pm.

We also need to plan for safety gears. We brought ice axe, boots, clothes, backpacks full of safety stuff, hiking shoes, poles, gaiters, spikes, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats. We also brought a lot of food, water, and energy snacks. We downloaded the Alltrails for navigation. The weather was sunny with a few clouds.

The road is pebbled and a little rough. But we can still drive 20 MPH. There were some turns and cuts along the road, but it was mostly smooth and passable for all cars.

We started hiking at 5:40am. The hike begun with a forest. The forest floor has some muddy pools and plants growing on the side of the trail. We were able to make through safely. There were no extreme ups and downs. There were flowers blooming a little on the side.

Next came the boulder and snow fields. The boulder and snow fields were steep and took a lot of our energy away. We thought we reached the top, on the other side, there’s still much more way to go.

The final part was extremely hard. We were very tired, and our food, water, and supplies were getting running out. One person in our group even slipped 100 ft down. Our group divided into two when the people on the back section was too tired and needed a lot of breaks.

At the top, we saw a crater with gas seeping in the dome vent. The crater is very steep, with snow covering at the side of it. We were grateful to see the view. There was one bird at the top. We tired rested there and ate some snakes.

On the way down, we glissaded down the snow patch. We glissaded too far and accidently were off trail. Luckily, my mom was able to call us back. We went up and stayed on the trail. There were some ants and bugs in the rock fields and the bugs were getting worse when we hiked further down.

We reached the trailhead around 7:00pm, much later than what we planned for due to the extra 2 hours off the trail. Also be aware of bugs stung. I got stung by them. And when we finally arrived the trailhead, it was already 7:00pm. Be carful when going down despite all of the fun.