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Hiked Jul 9, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were an annoyance


Snow free

I've been to Poo Poo Point via Chirco and High Point TH, so we tried something a little different for a sunset hike and started at the East Sunset Way TH. There are no facilities at this trailhead and there was plenty of parking at 5:45 pm.

There are a few splits in the trail early on that can be confusing but they all lead to the Gas Line Trail eventually. To stay out of the sun, we hiked the Wetlands Trail which parallels to a road trail before heading down to Round Lake. Took a right out onto Gas Line Trail, which follows power lines south. At the junction, went up the Poo Poo Point trail, which is a long climb but good footing. There is one section thats steep and a little gravely but its short. 

A little over half a mile before Poo Poo Point, there is a signed junction that indicates a trail closure due to logging, and directs you on a new trail to the right. That trail is clear and takes you directly to the viewpoints. 

Views were hazy, but there were a bunch of gliders launching so it was fun to watch that for awhile. We had a little "dinner" at the top and hung out for sunset. There were bugs but a little bug spray was enough to deter them. 

As soon as the sun was out of view, we headed back the way we came. It was pretty good evening walking as the trail isn't horribly uneven. I did have a pole and a headlamp on red light. It didn't get spooky until we decided to take the Adventure Trail back, reasoning that it was a little shorter. It was an unnecessary amount of climb to add (hops a hill that you'd otherwise walk around), there were huge trees, and it was dark AF. I ended up turning the regular light on my lamp and my husband turned our phone lights on for extra ambient light (because I was spooked, not really for safety). 

After reaching the junction with the Wetlands Trail again, we kept following the Adventure Trail until it hit the gas line road (not named) to have a bit more light. There was a really nice view of the Issaquah and I90 lights with a bench right before it heads back to the parking area. There is an unsigned junction on the way down, but turning or going straight ultimately takes you to the same place.

Finished at 10:50 pm.