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Mebee High Route, Mebee Lookout

North Cascades

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Hiked Jul 13, 2021

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Minor obstacles posing few problems


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Bugs were an annoyance


Snow free

Noah and I spent last night in the Mebee Lookout.  We were hoping there would still be some snow at the top, too late.

We took the High Route in since I had seen all the blowdowns on te East Creek Trail last week.  Starts at the top of the switchbacks on the ECT.  Top of the ridge had as little snow as I have seen, but enough to keep our bottles filled.

Made decent time to the head of East Creek, then had to climb the mountain between there and Mebee Pass.  We had 2 hours till sundown when we got to the start of the drop, pretty steep but little danger even with tired legs.  Got down to the Pass then up to the LO about half an hour before sunset, over 11 hours since we started.  GPS said 11 miles, over 6000' gain.

Mosquitos were bad inside the building, not terrible outside in the wind.  Noah slept in his bivy (with net) and I wore my bug hat.  I listened to the radio in bed, AM comes in really good at night.  Vancouver has a new station, AM 1040, that plays all comedy, like Calgary has had for years (and that you can also sometimes pick up up here).  Noah must have been tired,  he wasn't awoken by my chuckles.

Slept well, it is nice and dark inside in the morning with no windows yet.  Stars were unimpressive with the smoke from the fires along the Highway just a few miles away.

We decided to take the trail out, I flagged again so next peoples trip up will be easier.  There are some new blowdowns but you should have no trouble since the way is now more obvious, unlike my trip last week.  6 hours out, 8.5 miles.

There is still water flowing 400 feet below the Pass, where 2 small streams cross the trail and join below it.  I made a few ducks so you will know this is the last water and to fill up.  If these are dry (I think they are year round), there is a bigger creek another 100 feet (vert) up the trail on the R.  Doesn't cross the trail but sounds big and close.  I'm pretty sure that one is full time, if it is dry you are out of luck, turn back.  Plenty of other water along East Creek Trail if you don't mind carrying it a little farther.

This is an awesome place to spend the night.  Room for 3 on the floor, plus tent spots.  I suggest bringing a couple small candles for light inside, more romantic than a headlamp.  We were the 9th party to sign in this year, the earliest folks in May.  I hope to get back up soon and fix the trail down to the PCT, creating a new (to us) loop with Rainy Pass.  We could see the trail from Mebee Pass Peak, another visitor wrote in the log book they had tried to come up it recently and been turned back by the poor condition. 

Come on up, you're pretty sure to have it to yourself, especially now with the road closed from the east.  Highway was eerily quiet on the drive out with no through traffic, Marblemount was hopping, probably with folks stuck waiting to get across.  Road is closed at MP 170 something, past Washington Pass (MP 163) so all the good hikes are still accessible from the west.


John Scurlock on Mebee High Route, Mebee Lookout

Please! No candles, no incense, no stoves, no open flames in or near this historic and vulnerable structure. An enormous and expensive effort was made to save and restore it. Your, and everyone else’s help, is needed to help preserve this gem. Thank you.

Posted by:

John Scurlock on Sep 11, 2021 06:37 AM