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Trip Report

Dosewallips River Road — Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021

Olympic Peninsula

We parked about 2 miles from the trailhead because our (low clearance, 2 wheel drive) cars couldn't make it up past the ice and snow any further than that. We hiked out to the picnic area about a half mile before the Dosewallips Campground, and the snow started immediately and got progressively deeper. We needed snowshoes by about four miles in. The trail was easy to follow for the most part, although there was one section with many tree branches fallen over the path that we had to be climb through.

At the picnic area, we found a collapsed tent buried under the snow with many supplies inside (see photos). Hoping this was left behind on purpose? It was very odd.

The landslide before the waterfall was the only sketchy area, and we would recommend taking crampons/spikes for this part. Maybe even an ice ax. Basically, you need to cross a very steep snow/ice patch which drops off a cliff into the river about 150 ft below. If you were to slide you'd have about 15-20 ft to catch yourself.

Beautiful winter wonderland and a great, all day solstice snowshoe!

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