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Trip Report

Commonwealth Basin Snowshoe — Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

Snoqualmie Region

it was easy to get parking at 8.15am on a was quite foggy on the drive up & in the pass...I headed up the old commonwealth basin trail & there was a widespread dusting on new snow (1-3 inches) on the entire trail.  due to the warming over the past week & rain the day prior - the avalanche risk has changed (increased) with the main risks being glide avalanches & wind slabs (check out nwac for forecasts & what to look for) & there was evidence of snow cracks everywhere...a fair amount of snow along the rivers edge was collapsing & holes/sunken pockets were widespread. - our group opted for conservative choices on where we walked/explored. it was a beautiful day with the fog clearing around noon & we had a great lunch & wandered back along the creek (impressive flow) - we ended up walking around 3,6 miles 900 ft elevation gain.  it was a well packed trail with a moderate crust, significant pack underneath the fresh stuff.