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Trip Report

Sand Point — Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022

Olympic Peninsula

Went for a quick overnight out to one of my favorite beaches. 

Driving note: 112 is closed in two places. If you're coming from the east, you'll have to take 101 to avoid the first closure, which is at milepost 32 (up north, where the road is near the strait). The second closure has a detour, although when I tried to map it, my phone told me the road is closed. That detour is a left hand turn right before you reach Clallam Bay. It's signed (although I only saw one sign). It's a short section of dirt road. The rest of the route all the way to the trailhead is paved. 

The trail is in overall good shape. There's some mud from earlier flooding on the bridges right after the trailhead. And the boardwalk is slippery in place. (I was grateful for poles which saved me from falling when I hit an unusually slick spot.) 

On a Saturday, I saw maybe a dozen or so day hikers, but I don't think anyone else was spending the night. 

I woke up to a LOT of eagles and some gorgeous sunshine. The eagle were eating a dead seal that had washed up on the beach. It was so great to see them, and so many. Including several different ages of juvenilles and many adult birds. Also quite a few ducks, mostly hooded mergansers.

After a very slow breakfast, I walked south on the beach until it got rocky, and then turned around. I had the beach to myself until I got back to the campground around noon. 

It was a gorgeous weekend. I'm looking forward to going back. This is definitely going to be a beach I visit a lot.