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Trip Report

Old Robe Canyon — Thursday, Mar. 24, 2022

North Cascades

We arrived at the trailhead on Thursday morning around 11:30 and there was only one car in the roadside parking area.  Parking is right on the shoulder of the Mountain Loop Hwy, so no troubles with crazy roads or potholes.

The trail started out flat and beautiful right before the county signs about rules and regulations for the area.  The trail then began to descend with narrow switchbacks.  Careful with very little hikers as the fall is steep.  After the switchbacks the trail is flat and easy. 

We passed a few ponds with loud frogs.  The area in early spring is beautiful.  My kids loved the moss covered trees.  We saw a woodpecker just off the trail and heard so many birds chattering away.

There are a few downed trees on the trail, but they aren't too difficult to climb over. I had my 11mo in a carrier and just sat on the logs and swung my legs over.  

We did come to a stream that did not have many rocks to step on to cross and got a bit wet trying to cross.  It's the stream with a lot of old bricks laying around.  On the way back my boys with rubber boots picked up the bricks and built a walkway for other hikers to use so they could cross.

We had lunch by the waterfall at the end of the trail.  The river and canyon are absolutely beautiful and my kids really enjoyed this hike.  


lalala82 on Old Robe Canyon

Thanks for the bricks! Kept our feet dry across the little stream today!

Posted by:

lalala82 on Mar 27, 2022 02:48 PM

Ramfamhikes on Old Robe Canyon

Yay! Glad they helped you across.
Someone told me we shouldn't have done that in case it disrupts the ecosystem. Hopefully we didn't trap any fish or animals with our brick path.

Posted by:

Ramfamhikes on Mar 27, 2022 03:15 PM