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Cape Alava Loop (Ozette Triangle) — Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2022

Olympic Peninsula

We went for a WTA two-night backpacking trip from Tuesday 3/15 to Thursday 3/17. We camped at Cape Alava the first night, then Sand Point the second night. It was a beautiful week out on the coast, and we got lucky with the weather. 

The flush bathrooms and water spigot at the trailhead were both closed for the season; the vault toilet in the parking lot is open and seems to be actively serviced (toilet paper and hand sanitizer). 

The trail from the trailhead to Cape Alava was muddy in places, but overall the boardwalk and trail were in good shape. The stream/water source at Cape Alava was flowing beautifully! Easy to collect and very quick-moving. Campsites were in good shape. The privy we used was also in good shape, although the door does not lock. We saw a ton of deer here, and they were hanging out pretty close to our campsite, but didn't bother us. 

The beach from Cape Alava to Sand Point was mostly fine, although there were several fallen trees that were difficult to cross during higher tide (we waited one out). We walked past a couple of larger washed up animals, like a seal. Slippery as usual, so poles can be helpful. 

The water source at Sand Point was flowing very well. A quote from a member of our party: "Your dog can surf on this water!" Campsites were in good shape. We camped on the north side because the south side can be incredibly windy. The privy we used was in decent shape, although I highly recommend scoping out the closest one to you during the daytime as they can be hard to find.

The trail back out from Sand Point to the trailhead was also largely fine. Again, some puddles that we walked around, but great overall, not much to report.


Bike-N-Hike on Cape Alava Loop (Ozette Triangle)

Helpful report, thanks!
Trying to get a sense for how critical the tide timing is for the 3 mile segment on the beach. Did you hit it right at low tide or is it OK to be a bit late?

Posted by:

Bike-N-Hike on Mar 28, 2022 07:57 AM

tiffanyc on Cape Alava Loop (Ozette Triangle)

Hey there! There are 2 places you need to worry about: Wedding Rocks and a small section a little ways in between Wedding Rocks and Sand Point.

The Wedding Rocks overland trail isn't very hard even if you have to do it, but it's very easy to cross if it's not high tide because the tide goes out really far. I believe we got here about an hour or so after high tide and the tide was super far out already.

The spot between Wedding Rocks and Sand Point is trickier -- this is roped and very steep if you do run into it, but I recommend just waiting out the high tide if you do reach this point. Again, the tide doesn't need to be far out for you to be able to walk around it. I think we got to this one maybe a couple hours after high tide and it was totally crossable.

In other words, for either crossing, I'd just try to avoid high tide. If you don't time it right with low tide exactly, you'll be fine!

Posted by:

tiffanyc on Mar 28, 2022 08:33 AM


Thanks for the practical info! Since we'll be getting to the TH right when low tide is, I think I'll do the loop counterclockwise. This will put us at Sand Point first, about 4-5 hours before high tide. So we should be good for the beach walk. Have always wanted to do this loop and next weekend is the time.

Posted by:

Bike-N-Hike on Mar 28, 2022 08:50 AM

Posted by:

tiffanyc on Mar 28, 2022 08:56 AM