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Mailbox Peak — Friday, May. 27, 2022

Snoqualmie Region
Left some Girl Scout bling-not to be used for climbing purposes.

Took the new trail up and down on Friday, May 27. TLDR;No need for microspikes tho did cross three short snow patches on new trail; no snow on trail from junction with Old Trail to top. Grateful that on our return to the Upper Parking Lot at 3 PM all cars had survived-no glass smashing. Noted lower parking area cars also smash free. Whew. Flowers blooming on new trail. Peak a boo views on way up.

More Deets>arrived at 0730 just as gate to Upper Parking lot was opened; we were first in. At that point there were 5 spots remaining in the lower lot. Upon our return at 3 PM; upper lot was half full, lower lot was full. Important Safety Tip (IST)> Bathroom out of TP-but of course everyone carries such in their 10 Essentials...I left my roll to share.

We took the New trail as we wanted distance and elevation gain for our training purposes with our 25# packs. I averaged my FitBit and VIewRanger tracking for 10.2 miles RT/with ~4,300 EG. Good, err make that GREAT workout/training hike. The New trail offers a wonderful woodsy variation....starting off in lush greenery, progressing thru gloomy no understory forest, then some opps for views, more lushy forest and then meeting Old Trail below the start of what I call the Ten Million Rock section. Then that crazy thread of trail for the final push to the 'Box. My 66 yo self appreciates the more gentle/gradual switchbacks on the New trail. Some time I'll try the Old trail so I can earn that badge. 

Flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Evergreen Violet, Trillium (even a few just below the summit), Oregon Grape, and Beargrass queuing up to grow lovely stems. Deciduous shrubbery starting to unfurl their leaves.

Others: No surprise not crowded at all on this cloudy Friday; forecast probably kept some at home. A mix of others obviously in training mode + those amazing trail runner types + regular day hikers. I wish all the day hikers heading up into the clouds were better prepared than they appeared. In our Girl Scout hiking program we teach that each person must carry their own gear with 10 essentials. Parties can get separated. Bad things can happen. Movin' on.  

Weather: was spot on; except we did not get the forecasted snow sprinkles. Just a few rain drops at the start then dry until return to car. Even had a few blue sky patches. WooHoo.

Leave No Trace: I should have brought a garbage bag to pick up garbage at  the top. 

No Girl Scouts on this hike; but we did leave one of our bling items-not to be used for climbing purposes. Happy Trails.

View along New Trail-Hello Mt Si.
The start of the Ten Million Rocks.
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