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Norwegian Memorial — Saturday, Jun. 12, 2010

Olympic Peninsula
The trail into Norwegian Memorial is not officially recognized but it seems everybody knows about it. On either side of the access road are parking stalls and we met lots of day hikers and backpackers. The trail is short from parking to the beach - only about a mile. It is a mile of mud, roots, mushy puddles, and thick vegitation. The reward is a stunning stretch of beach with lots of incredible sea stacks, eagles, seals, and otters. There are many very good camping spots and it appears that the beach rangers have been busy collecting up all the trash and fishing gear that has washed up on the beach. It is even whimsical. Campers have decorated the trees with various flotsam. It really is a fun destination. It wasn't so much fun for the 18 Norwegian sailors who lost their lives here in 1903. There is a very solemn memorial to their name and campers have added bits of flotsam and a Norwegian flag out of respect. Getting there is tricky. Turn off highway 101 at the La Push road and then take the Quillayute road to Mina Smith road. At a half mile, turn left on road D5000. This bumps along on gravel through a gate about 4.5 miles to road D5600. This follows another dirt road about 3 miles to a bridge over Cedar Creek. The next left is a short uphill and look for parking spots on the right side of the road and some trees on the left splashed with blue and red paint. Believe it or not, that's the trailhead. There was a sign this weekend about toxic mussels.


D5600 getting to trail head

I drove out last summer to try and find this trail head into the Norwegian Memorial and the D5000 or D5600 was locked i'm trying to recall. I found a nearby road and tried figuring it out based on a couple cars but decided to err on cation and do another hike. So now spring is here and I really want to still find this trail head.. Do you have any recent info about these logging roads and getting to the trail head? I may just take a couple maps and my compass and try to find it.

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"roxilee" on May 10, 2013 10:11 PM

logging road info

I use this route every year and the gate is always open for memorial day weekend. The directions were spot on. You must have went after the 5600 was already closed. Goodluck finding it this year. It is one of my favorite places to camp.

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"FOWA" on Jul 30, 2013 06:03 PM

Route 5600

Finally made it and the gate was open.. The access to the gate closed July 9th and reopens Aug 9th due to some road work.. The trail was tough but many laughing moments as we tried to avoid mud pits. even though it is only a mile it is a slow mile when things are very wet. Once you hit the coast the reward is complete happiness.. The trail is tough when wet but the forest is just sparkling with life and color. We met another hiker there who tried to describe another road and trail head you could take to get to a point south of the mine site. I might look into that more just because I get so curious about new trails. I think what I loved the most about the Norwegian Memorial beach is how long it is and how few people we encountered. My only advise is follow the directions completely and wait for the bridge don't think you've gone to far just know there is really a bridge and when you cross it you are almost to the trail head. Many thanks to the people who keep this trail very well maintained and free of litter.

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"roxilee" on Jul 30, 2013 06:03 PM

TipiGuy on Norwegian Memorial

We were out this last weekend, and we were the only campers around! Gates were all open, even saw a couple elk on the drive out. On Saturday, a group of three (from North Dakota who were out hiking the coast) passed through, but we had the beach to ourselves for two days. The path is well defined. Once you get to the trailhead, it is marked with orange paint on the trees. What a great place to visit for some solitude!

Posted by:

TipiGuy on Jun 11, 2018 07:12 AM