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Trip Report

Rachel Lake, Alta Mountain & Rampart Ridge - Rampart Lakes — Sunday, Jul. 25, 2010

Snoqualmie Region
An absolutely gorgeous hike. I took off early to see if I could get to the top of Alta Mountain. It promised to be very nice weather and it sure was. A little hot at times, but there were plenty of chances to cool down. Lakes to swim in, waterfalls to stand under and snowfields to stand on and enjoy the cooling air. The parking lot had plenty of spots free and I started the hike around 8:30. The first part is rather flat and that took only an hour. Going up the steep part is quite something else. But the trail is in really good shape and Rachel Lake was soon in view. Lots of mosquitoes so I didn't linger. The next part again is up and more up. Don't forget to look behind you though. Rachel lake is pretty from above. When i got to the top of the ridge, I took the wrong turn North and ended up on the wrong side of the little hill. A little cross-country got me back to the trail to Alta Mountain. The trail is narrow and well defined. Steep drops on both sides keep it interesting. It is wide enough though, so you don't feel anxious. That is, unless you are my dog. I had to carry her twice to get her past some scary parts. All the false summits are a bit annoying. The view from the real top is worth it though. On the way down we visited Lila Lake. I just love this lake, it is so beautiful. I wanted to swim a bit and the water felt good. That is, until you walked into it a bit. A foot down it is really cold. After Lila it was just a simple flat hike to Rampart Lakes. Absolutely gorgeous too. A hike well recommended.