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Spider Meadow and Phelps Basin, Spider Gap

Central Cascades

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Hiked Aug 19, 2010

Type of Hike

Multi-night backpack
Mid-week is the time to go to Spider Meadow, with flowers to out-number the hikers and not having to worry about being awakened by a fellow hiker while snoozing in the meadow. Flowers are in bloom, many varieties, some of which I've never seen before. In Phelps Basin, there are more flowers if you care to do some wandering. It's like the lavender fields of Provence! The creek crossings are insignificant and the way to Spider Gap is steep but doable for average hikers, at least up to the foot of the glacier. I stopped and wandered in the area, since I didn't have poles or ice ax and don't think it wise to travel on a glacier without those items. There are many camp sites scattered about in the meadows but, sadly, most have fire rings built by people who didn't know that fires are not permitted in wilderness areas. This is the Glacier Peak Wilderness, people, and fire danger is high and no one wants to be the idiot who sets the meadow on fire. So bring friends for conversation, a book for quiet reading or your imagination for star gazing but don't start a fire! Wednesday: 22 cars at TH; Friday: 35 cars at TH Bugs: you will miss mosquitos because here, they have deer flies and they bite and it hurts