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Ingalls Creek — Sunday, May. 13, 2012

Central Cascades
Ingalls Creek, near the trailhead. Photo by DestinationUp.
What a way to spend Mothers’ Day! My 15YO son and I, accompanied by our faithful Wonder Pup, headed out to Ingalls Creek on Sunday. The weather, of course, was incredible, and the trail was remarkably uncrowded. There were maybe ten cars at the TH when we arrived, but most of those were backpackers. The creek is definitely running high and cold, so save your splashing for the side streams. We filtered out of one of them, with zero sediment problems. There are mudholes and running water along the trail, after about mile 3, and growing more frequent. It’s obvious that the last couple of miles have only melted out in the last week or two. The trail is snow free until maybe mile 4. The last half mile (5 to 5.5) was snow-covered in all directions, and appeared to have melted out underneath. Deciding that twisted knees were not the best way to end the day, we headed back down the trail and found a great lunch spot. Wildflowers are springing up in all directions…especially trillium. Critter note: At about mile 2, we came across a rattler as big around as my forearm, only three feet off the trail, and rattling eight ways from Sunday. The Wonder Pup thought it would be fun to examine (I disabused him of this notion), and the rest of us butchered Leave No Trace by scrambling off the trail on the opposite side. Yes, this is rattler country, and there are holes on and alongside the trail.
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, just off the trail. Photo by DestinationUp (using a zoom lens!)
Snow field over the last half mile. Photo by DestinationUp.
Talus slope on the Ingalls Creek Trail. Photo by DestinationUp.


Ingalls Creek

That damn snake was harassing everyone I talked to on the trail! I finally cleared him away with my hiking poles on our way back.

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