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Trip Report

Tubal Cain Mine, Tubal Cain Mine to Buckhorn Lake

Olympic Peninsula

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WTA Member


Hiked Jun 24, 2012

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Muddy or wet trail.
To our delight, the Rhodies were in bloom along the early parts of the trail and they are gorgeous, especially with the backdrop of moss on the trees and greens of foliage. You don't have to rush out there right now to enjoy them, though, because there will be more flowering bushes in the coming weeks. The creek crossings were all very doable for our group, even for those without poles. The trail to Tull Canyon and the plane wreck was steep, yet very much worth the effort. Our group did not cross the creek, since the main wreckage is on the east side; we stayed very close to the creek and managed our way without difficulties to the main body of the plane. Although not everyone on this plane died (3 out of 8), I think it's important to be respectful for those that did and not try to take a piece home or jump on stuff or disturb things. They recovered the bodies from the site, but it's still a place where people died and respect should be shown (on the lower trail, parts of the plane had obviously been moved). The next adventure was going up to the mine but we were thwarted by the foot-deep creek running out of it and retreated down, but not before gazing up at the hillside across from us where the trail to Marmot Pass traverses. There was no snow on the switchbacks, though there may still be at the Pass, which was very encouraging for a backpack there next month.