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Granite Creek Trail to Granite Lakes

Snoqualmie Region

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WTA Member


Hiked May 9, 2013

Type of Hike

Day hike


Snowfields to cross - could be difficult
There seems to be confusion as to the correct name of the trail, but in both cases the name Road should be now be removed. This 5 mile long logging road has been converted into a meandering trail, such that new hikers would never believe that this had been a road. Even the bridge over granite creek is gone, replaced with a log bridge. The log bridge, now has a side rail on one side, unlike the photos taken in February in other reports. This was an amazing conversion. The many stream crossings had stones making crossing easy. The conversion does make the this a harder trail on the legs, with the continuous meandering, and a lot of small ups and downs, but much more attractive. The trail head is not signed, and the old yellow gate gone but there is now a parking area to the side of the road large enough for 4 cars. We had the trail to ourselves. The trail was clear of snow up to about 1/2 mile from the turn off to the lakes, and the new drainage meant minimal mud, despite lots of snow melt. About 1/4 mile on the snow was continuous. We were glad of gaiters, but now need of snow shoes or crampons. After the turn off there were 2 stream crossings, involving negotiating snow banks 3 feet high and a confidence testing step between stones. But nothing too tricky. After that it was thick snow the rest of the way. Snow is soft, and occasionally post holed, so pick your route carefully.