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Heather Lake

North Cascades

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Hiked Jul 29, 2013

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Day hike

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    Muddy or wet trail.
60th ANNIVERSARY HIKE TO HEATHER LAKE. Sally and a group from the Northshore Hiking Club accompanied me on this trip where I first hiked to Heather Lake in 1953 with my dad and sister as a 4 year old. Back then the trip was shorter, only 1.5 miles instead of 2 miles up to the lake. The former trailhead was on the logging road that is now part of the present trail. This road was built in 1948 when the area was logged. The original trail to the lake outlet was built in 1935. The lake was discovered in 1917 and named Thetcher Lake at that time. Our group started from the present trailhead on FS Road #42 and hiked up through the second growth forest on the rocky/rooty trail. The scenery got much better as we entered the old growth tree area on the way to the lake. There are some muddy areas of the trail that need some work. Once at the lake, we headed counter clockwise around the lake and crossed Heather Creek on a wood plank bridge. About halfway around we found a good spot for lunch with lots of rocks to sit on and enjoy the view. The clouds lifted and we could see up the rocky slopes of Mt. Pilchuck with a nice tall waterfall. After finishing lunch , we continued around the lake before heading back down the trail to the parking lot. We met several hiking groups as we were hiking down and they were going up. Hardly any bugs seen on this hike. How many of you hikers, like myself, started hiking as little kid and are still hiking 60 plus years later? There must be a few of us.



What an inspiration, George - thanks for including this in your trip report. I hope someday I will be able to say that I've been hiking 60+ years!

Posted by:

"Rebecca Lavigne" on Jul 31, 2013 08:12 AM

Old hikers

Congratulations on many years of hiking! Yes, there are a few of us, but you have me beat. We used to do the nature walks around Mt. Rainier as a kid. Remember the ice caves at Rainier? You hiked Heather when you were 4, We took our son up there when he was 4, too. You probably remember the old Lake 22 TH right off the road, I'll bet. Keep On Hiking!

Posted by:

Dave Frederick on Aug 01, 2013 08:03 PM