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Lake Chelan State Park - Little Bear Trail — Saturday, Jul. 19, 2014

Central Cascades
My boyfriend and I were on a family camping trip near Lake Chelan State Park, so we decided to check out the Little Bear Trail. The trailhead is in the park, near the restroom at the back of the property. Everything was promising when we set out—the trail was in excellent condition and it wasn't very long at all before we saw a charming array of wildlife (young woodpeckers, squirrels chasing each other) and got to read interpretive signs posted near the path. We had only gone about 3/4 of a mile before we heard rustling in the bushes—and saw two bears. One was hidden in the bushes and the other (a medium-sized, cinnamon-colored black bear) was in a tree. The bears weren't far from the trail, probably 10 yards, so we decided to turn around. We went and talked to the ranger, to let him know there were a couple of bears on trail, but he didn't seem alarmed. He said they usually head down the mountain at the end of August but must have headed down early because of fires in the area.