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Boulder River — Sunday, Jul. 27, 2014

North Cascades
"Spiritual Hikes for the Prospector" -
One of my favorite hikes of the 2014 season! I will be returning for more meditation and writing! 1. This hike is over the 8+ miles as listed, we did the entire hike and tracked it to be 9.6 miles, roundtrip 2. The trail is in excellent condition with only a few areas that required some "skillful navigations" 3. If you plan to do the entire hike (9.6 miles), make sure to give yourself at least 5+ hours, including lunch down by "lands end" on the river. Not overcrowded, so you can make a good pace on the trail 4. Bring the bug spray, especially down by the river as the horse fly's where out in full force 5. Would not recommend this hike for children under 12, given the dangers of falling off the trail with serious injuries in parts of the hike 6. The water falls alone are worth it and not a hard hike to get to them, watch yourself going down however as it can get a little steep 7. I do not recommend the entire hike to the end as the trail ends down at the river and we would have had lunch back at either of the waterfalls or reflection pools a few miles back at the beginning part of the hike 8. The road into the hike is all gravel with potholes, but in good condition, so watch your vehicles when you go the 3+ miles to the parking spots ~Happy Prospecting... The Intuitive Prospector™
Great place to do a little meditation!
Great Hike!
Tree Hiding!
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