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Trip Report

Camano Island State Park — Friday, May. 12, 2017

Puget Sound and Islands

I hiked this trail with a group of 4th and 5th graders for a WTA Youth Ambassador project. We had a great time at the state park, both hiking this trail and playing in the beach! We started our hike near the junction with the shorter marsh trail and proceeded up the hill. Once we reached the top of the hill and entered the camping area, we found it difficult to find the trail again- look for wooden posts with the Loop Trail named on them! The day we went, we had a fair amount of rain, and the trail was muddy or had puddles over it in many locations. It's still very clear that people have put lots of work into this trail, with stairs in esp cially steep areas and some drainages. We saw many cool things along the trail- including Greek Valerian, a type of flower, and a weasel! So exciting to see such cool flora and fauna! Hiking this trail was great for the kids of this age, but they said they wouldn't have wanted it to be any longer.