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Trip Report

Heliotrope Ridge — Saturday, Jul. 22, 2017

North Cascades

I joined the WTA work party on July 22. My group spent most of the day fixing a part of the trail fairly close to the trailhead. We hauled many buckets of nutrient-rich soil from a borrowing pit a little ways off trail, and crowned and narrowed the trail. We also dug out the drainage a little bit more. The section of the trail ended up looking much better than when we started!

             Portion of the trail my group worked on. Photo by Arlen Bogaards. 

It was drizzling for most of the day, and during the breaks in between the rain the bugs were pretty bad. Lower down on the trail, there was a really muddy area--a lot of hikers commented on it. Other than that, the trail seemed to be in good condition. There was heavy hiker traffic.