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Trip Report

Park Butte — Friday, Aug. 31, 2018

North Cascades
Volunteers Amanda and Bev, pausing for a photo op

Headed up to Park Butte with incoming WTA Board President Susan Queary to squeeze in one last hike on the final day of HIke-a-Thon. Encountering a WTA work party made for the perfect start to our adventure! Barbara Budd and her crew were hard at work making repairs and improvements to the first quarter mile of trail (was it a coincidence that this is where the most abundant huckleberries were growing? Hmmmm....)

The trail itself is in great condition all the way up to the lookout, thanks to the efforts of WTA volunteers. Despite it being the start of Labor Day weekend we didn't see as many hikers as I was expecting. Made me wish we'd planned for an overnight at the lookout! (Overnights at this lookout are first come, first-served). Unfortunately the mountain was shrouded in clouds this time, but it was still fun to be up at the top. Terrific late-summer adventure.

Susan and fearless crewleader Barbara Budd
Enjoying the lookout