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Trip Report

Heybrook Ridge — Friday, Mar. 15, 2019

Central Cascades

The gate to the parking lot is still closed, looks to be to keep the gravel lot from developing any more deep ruts until the snow melts. Two cars fit but folks are just parking in town and walking over.

I highly recommend traction devices. A group with just tennis shoes coming down used the word “scary” to describe conditions. The snow in the first mile or so is compact but the melted/refrozen kind so super slick. Once you get more out in the open near the ridge grip improves.

The snow is trenched here and any step off center may posthole, especially over the rock slabs running with water in the sun.

The view at the top was blue skies and the towering Index and Persis. I had the sunshine to myself for awhile, 3-4 groups were on their way up as I headed down. A lovely quick jaunt on a Friday afternoon, maybe spring is finally here?

Total miles were 3.6 and 690 ascent.  For more pics, see link below.