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Kelley Creek via Martin Creek Trailhead — Friday, Jul. 19, 2019

Central Cascades
First cut

After reading the report from October 2018, which describes the new trail very well, I thought it good to provide a brief update.  Also after reading Ramano's guide book trail information I realized this is a newer trail which follows on the west side of Martin and Kelley creeks.  

Went out twice this past week, with a crosscut crew led by Arthur Wright, and cleared all blocking logs off the trail to the Kelley creek crossing.  My GPS said it was about 2.3 miles at the crossing from the parking area for the Iron Goat Trail.  The trail now has no obstacles but could use some brushing out in places.  There is a very large collapsed tree at the crossing that could be used to cross the creek with the aid of poles or else another rocky area and log upstream that looks easier.   There are about three flowing streams beyond Jakes creek that are very easy to cross and also provide a source of water along the trail; much easier than going down the steep slope to Kelley creek.

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mato on Kelley Creek via Martin Creek Trailhead

Thank you! That looks like a tricky one.

Posted by:

mato on Jul 20, 2019 09:39 PM