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Lakeridge Park — Friday, Oct. 11, 2019

Puget Sound and Islands

This is a nice little lollipop trail that goes up the canyon and back down with a couple of exit points at the top (though we didn't investigate to see where exactly they spit you out). The trail reminded me a lot of Boeing Creek Park where you can feel very secluded and removed from the urban environment surrounding it, which is nice for anyone seeking a bit of solitude and nature immersion. 

The trail itself was in fairly good condition until the top of the lollipop where it splits to the exits. There's a small creek  crossing using stones, as well as some fairly thick mud that would be nice to have boots for. 

The parking location is a bit odd being in the u-bend of the road where it is, and I wish it had a sidewalk leading up to it. Unless you drive up to it it's not super accessible to nearby communities in its current state. Walking the road to the trailhead feels like it wouldn't be super safe. 

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