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Trip Report

Miller Peak Loop, Miller Peak — Saturday, Jul. 2, 2022

Snoqualmie Region
Goat on Miller.

We arrived just past 9 a.m. on a sunny Saturday. The trailhead to Navaho was absolutely bananas with cars parked up and down the road, but the trailhead to Miller was quiet. We pulled into a great parking spot right next to the trail. The bathroom was open, clean, and stocked.

We started on the Miller Peak trail and it was in great condition the entire way. Balsamroot is blooming on the hillsides. Great views up top of the Teanaway and peak-a-boo views of Stuart. We ran into very few people, mostly just trail runners and two groups of bikers.

We made the half-mile side trip up to Miller Peak but were stopped a few hundred feet short of the true summit due to a stubborn mountain goat on the trail. He did not seem outright aggressive, but did not budge when we approached from a distance or made noise. When we decided to turn around, he followed us down the trail for a bit, too, so I get the impression he really did not want us there.

After that, we backtracked to the County Line junction and continued along to Iron Bear. One again, very few people, great flowers, decent views. Like the WTA description says, this trail is super dry. There is about a 7-mile stretch between Miller Creek and Bear Creek with no water whatsoever, so stock up when you can! It's also very exposed between Miller and Iron Bear, so just be prepared for a lot of direct sun.

We ended up camping just 2 miles from the trailhead along the Iron Bear trail, we found a nice, large impacted spot to stay. We could have made it back to the car but we brought our backpacking gear all that way, so we might as well use it! Plus, we enjoyed a lovely lightning show in the middle of the night.