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Trip Report

Mineral Creek, Park Lakes, Spectacle Lake & Pete Lake — Friday, Jul. 29, 2022

Snoqualmie Region

A friend and I planned a loop that started from the Mineral Creek trailhead, headed up toward Park Lakes, connected to the PCT, then headed down Pete Lake and ended with a 5-mile road walk back to the Mineral Creek trailhead.

We headed out on Friday afternoon and made it to the trailhead around 4 p.m. The road was fine for any car, and the trailhead had only one other car when we arrived. We figured now was a great time to visit, since WTA's Lost Trails Found crews had been working to brush back and clear sections of Mineral Creek (more work to come) and it really was in pretty great condition! A lot of the brushy sections have been reopened and there are only a handful of trees down toward the top. There are a few creeks to ford, which could both be rock hopped or use a log if you don't mind bushwhacking downstream a bit, but we just walked straight through. The Park Lakes basin is chockablock full of huckleberries — they aren't ripe yet but in a month or so I bet it will be heavenly.

We continued up to the PCT from here and then actually headed southbound along the trail to reach the Glacier Lake turnoff. We had hoped to reach Glacier Lake for our camp the first night, but it was getting late and the path down to the lake basin still had a number of quickly melting snow patches and some steep scrambles, so we ended up camping in the rocks just above it. Views were beautiful but bugs were baaaaad.

Day two we retraced our steps a bit on the PCT heading northbound and took the detour to Spectacle Lake where we could take a dip in the blistering sun. The PCT south of Spectacle gets a little rough in places with a series of large fallen trees, and then becomes super exposed through the old Lemah Fire burn. We saw some wild strawberries coming in, but nothing quite ripe yet. We took the turnoff for Pete Lake and cruised down there for another dip, then decided to keep on going to Cooper Lake where we set up camp for the night.

If you can work out a car shuttle, this would be a great overnight trip that starts at the Mineral Creek trailhead and ends at Pete Lake trailhead, but alas we were carpooling so we added on another night and a 5-mile road walk at the end to connect the two.