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Lewis River Falls — Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023

Southwest Washington
Lower Lewis Falls frozen under a thick crust of ice (photo credit It Sounds Like Camera)

If you can make it past the many blowdowns along the access road (one of which completely crosses the entire roadway), the Lewis River Falls hike is absolutely stunning. Amazing vantage points and interesting rocks, trees, and moss literally every dew steps.

My group parked at the Lower Falls trail entrance, and hiked to the Middle Falls. Much of the trail is covered in tree branches and debris, as well as some mud, snow and even ice in places. We were able to go just beyond the middle Falls without the use of microspikes or hiking poles, but any further towards the upper Falls will absolutely require these tools due to thick sheets of ice across the trail.

Weather conditions yesterday were cold but clear and bright. The lowers and middle Falls were frozen nearly completely and the ice formations were truly spectacular! I can't wait to return, although I will be happy to wait for slightly warmer weather!

Most of the trail between the lower and middle Falls is easily navigable (photo credit It Sounds Like Camera)
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Nutmeg on Lewis River Falls

Thank you for the informative report and pics. The icy falls image is gorgeous & inspires me to visit in winter! I'm planning to camp there the 1st week of April so if you get back before then, I hope you post an update.

Happy hiking!

Posted by:

Nutmeg on Mar 14, 2023 07:42 PM