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Trip Report

Wonderland Trail — Friday, Jun. 24, 2005

Mount Rainier Area
Three of us did the Mother Mt. Loop at Rainier yesterday. We started at Mowich Lake, going clockwise on the Wonderland Trail down Ispuit Pass, connecting with Carbon River. The trail from Mowhich to the Carbon River bridge junction is in great shape. The brush has not gotten bad yet. Flowers are in full show. The trail from the junction to Cataract Valley Camp though is showing severe wear and tear-the clay soil doesn't help. Expect a lot of boot sucking mud, water on the trail and high steps. The flowers in Upper Cataract Valley/ edge of Seattle Park are coming into full bloom for the first set. The snow fields in Seattle Park are good this year-the snow levels are very high. The cairns/paint markings are in good shape-and mostly visible, even in the whiteout we were in. Some snow in Spray Park, but easily negotiated. Gaiters are not needed, but trekking poles recomended on this trip. Spray Falls are running very high right now-a very nice side trip. This loop is about 17 miles. Almost no bugs, but the flower show was one of the prettiest I have seen in early summer.