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Trip Report

High Creek trail 1354, Naneum Wilson trail 1371 & Wilson Stock trail 1387 — Saturday, Jul. 14, 2007

In June we put together a loop on Table Mountain that included four trails. We started on the Naneum Wilson trail 1371 off FS road 3521 and headed south to a junction with the Wilson Stock trail 1387. We headed east on that trail intending to turn north on the High Creek trail 1354. We were unable to find the High Creek trail even using the GPS and a lot of searching. On July 15, 2007 we returned to hike the High Creek trail from the other end off FS road 3521. The trail is well signed on the road and at a junction a short way down the trail. We found a nice trail through the woods, but soon came out into a clearing with no trail in evidence. We finally located some cairns that took us through the meadow and down the hill to more woods. There was actually another sign right into the woods and a pretty decent trail through the woods with one large blow down to go around. We then crossed High Creek and the trail disappeared. Following our compass directions and much searching we found and lost the trail several times. We finally located a good trail again at a hairpin turn of an old logging road and followed it up the hill until it again disappeared. We did a little cross country and came out into a clearing that we recognized from our previous visit coming from the other direction. No wonder we couldn't find it when we were there in June. We made some cairns and cleared some logs from the trail to make it more evident. Table Mountain is a beautiful area full of wild flowers in the spring and larch in the fall.
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