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Summer Hikes

Long days and less snow in the mountains: for some, summer is the best hiking season. With so many possible destinations, how do you pick where to go? Let us help. These features highlight some of Washington's best locations, and some you may not have heard of, but are definitely worth a visit.

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Hike Like a Pro 

Where to Pitch Your Tent | How to Keep Cool | How to Read a MapA Guide to Washington's Hiking Jargon

16 Hikes For Close-to-Town Vistas

Get high and get a good view close to town. Now add sparkles.

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Shady Hikes for Hot Summer Days

This summer, take to the trees to enjoy some respite from the sun, and while away the hours basking in the simple sounds and delights that can only be found outside.

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22 Loop Trails to Try Next Time You Need A Good Backpacking Trip

Backpacking in a loop means that every mile means fresh adventure. Get inspired with these trip ideas, and learn how to make your own.

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10 Hikes in the Pasayten Wilderness

The vast and remote Pasayten Wilderness stretches across the northern border of our state and encompasses the east-west divide of the Cascades. As the largest Wilderness area in the state, it offers miles of expansive views, 150 peaks, and is home to a huge array of wildlife.

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Hike the State

Get inspired for hiking this summer! Discover new-to-you hikes from around the state, hand-picked by the staff of Washington Trails Association.

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Summer Lake Hikes Near Snoqualmie Pass (That Aren’t Snow Lake)

The Snow Lake trail is certainly no secret to Washington hikers. According to the Forest Service, it’s hiked more than any other trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. If you're looking for alternatives, luckily, there are plenty of nearby trails that offer the same things hikers love about Snow Lake.

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Mount St. Helens Hikes

Mount St. Helens National Monument is a destination that has something for everyone - short hikes and excellent visitor centers for families, moderate hikes with grand views for day hikers, and extremely difficult terrain and true solitude for backcountry enthusiasts.

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Barrier-Free Trails

Finding a wheelchair-friendly trail can be challenging, but they are out there! While access for disabled hikers is a need that we're continually working to improve, there are some trails in Washington that allow wheelchair users to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. Here's a sampling.

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21 Loop Hikes You Can Do in a Day

Everyone loves a loop hike—each new step leads to you to a new view, meadow, or forest. Luckily, Washington is brimming with loops to explore and we've compiled our favorites here

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10 Sea Breeze Hikes for a Hot Day

When the weather gets hot, try refreshing with an ocean-side trek. Here are five hikes to enjoy a sea breeze this summer.

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Shaping the Perfect Backpacking Route: From Loop-de-loops to Lollipops

Backpacking routes come in many shapes and sizes. This guide lays out a few general shapes that can help you plan your next trip and dream of even greater possibilities.

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Backpacking Trips on WTA-Improved Trails

Visit a remote trail that WTA's volunteer vacation and backcountry response teams have recently maintained.

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