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Water Under the Bridge

Wilderness Creek passing under a footbridge, just off the trail to Wilderness Peak on Cougar Mountain

Best View from the Ledge

The best views to be had on a misty, snowy day at Rattlesnake Mountain were the small ones. In this case, it was moss growing on a branch, adding just a touch of color to a very white day.

Ice on Rattlesnake Lake

Recent snow left many lower trails under the white stuff. Rattlesnake Lake was crusted over with a thin layer of snow.

Deception Pass Bridge

A rare picture of Deception Pass Bridge spanning Fidalgo and Whidbey Island and surrounding area covered in snow.

Copper Creek Forest Shadows

While following a trail alongside Mt Rainier's Copper Creek, I saw the marvelous play of shadows around this Cedar and wild Corydalis...was a pictorial must! That plant is about 3-feet tall, and was amongst many that lined the creek. Copper Creek is just inside Mt Rainier Park (West of Hwy 7/Ntnl Park Highway). The creek runs under Ntnl Forest Development Rd 59...a left off the highway, about 2 miles. There is a small, rough parking area near the bridge. On a clear day, fantastic views of the Nisqually valley, Mt St Helens, and Mt Rainier can be had from the gravel road that continues past the bridge. The road fairly quickly turns to gravel after the bridge and is narrow at points, so careful, slow driving is a must. At the end of the road you will be overwhelmed by a spectacular view of Mt Rainier and a deep gully that lies below the ridge. The road is closed during snow months.

Pacific NW Autumn Feast

Taken during a walk back from Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA. First fall of the Fall on the Pierce College campus.

Icicles Along Ingalls Creek

It was 27 degrees when we left the trailhead and it didn't get much warmer - a very short lunch stop. The frosted leaves and bushes were beautiful as were the icicles along the creek.

Rainy Lake

Mid-October journey to Rainy Lake in the North Cascades to welcome winter

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

52 years living in the Puget Sound area and this is the first time I have ever explored the Nisqually River Delta region. Such a beautiful November morning it was worth burning a vacation day. What a great place to live!!

Eunice Lake Reflection

Was hoping to capture some sunrise photos at Summit Lake outside of Carbonado but road construction to the trailhead changed my plans. Was treated to a just as spectacular hike and Fall sunrise view at Eunice Lake before hiking to Tolmie Peak.

View of the San Juan Islands from the Fragrance Lake Trail

From the Fragrance Lake Trail in Larabee State Park you can get a fantastic panoramic view of The San Juan Islands. This trail can be hiked all year round. Located in The Chuckanut Mountain Range just south of Bellingham where elevations stay below two thousand feet. There is a very nice trail system here. It will allow you to park at any of the trailheads and get to any of the other trails which connect even with The Blanchard Mountain Range which is DNR Land. If you would like to hike in the winter months but don't want the snow come and check this mountain range out.

Love Rocks On

We saw this heart in a rock waterfall along the Skagit while watching for eagles.

Love wins

Old growth meets new growth. I liked the juxt of new and old and was really drawn to the heart shaped ivy.