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Hangin' Out on the Ira Spring Trail

During a breather while ascending the Ira Spring Trail to Mason Lake, I saw this crane fly "hanging out" with us, suspended in mid-air from two salmonberry leaves, holding still just long enough to let me take a picture.

Why we take repair gear

Gray Wolf River BCRT. Kicking the shovel separated the sole on Day 1. Jury-rig repair with 3 spare bootlaces lasted 4 days of hard trail work. A bit of Barge cement will give this boot several hundred more miles.

Bridge over troubled waters

Enter this wonderland of mossy trees, rocks, nurse logs and tiny mushrooms if you dare to explore. A very short hike with 2 loops, if the main one is still washed out you need to double back. Best little hike in this region.

Meandering creek

Again, Deception Falls has much to view and discover. Bring your kids for this hike is easy. Much to enjoy!!

serene falls

My last photo to display is yet another falls. Let's call it "Serene Falls" because that is what it represents to me. I just might go back soon.

Tweedy's Lewisia

Tweedy's Lewisia, bitterroot, upland larkspur, arrowleaf balsamroot, scallaped onion, serviceberry, Columbia clematis, scarlet gilia and several desery parsley's were blooming on June 12. It is almost impossible to post a photo. This is my second and last try.

A Tree out of Granite

I liked this shot because of the way this large tree was hugging the granite boulder it was growing out of. Oh, the moss, the river, the beauty sort of added to it.

Gnarled snag

Near the summit of Navaho Peak, Teanaway area.

Elevation Gain: Alternate Method

A European brown slug (Arion rufus) climbs foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), demonstrating its method of elevation gain on Alger Alp.

Sound View from Bluff Trail

This photo was taken around 7:00 PM on a cool Sunday evening while hiking on Bluff Trail in Camano Isalnd State Park.

The Embrace

Taken on the Enchanted Valley Trail. These two trees, a maple and a conifer, reminded me of two impassioned lovers tangled together. It was amazing how they grew so close together.