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"Easter Bonnet" of Interesting Stump

We have many pictures of this stump which seems to get prettier and more interesting each time we visit it! It is located in the campsite after the bridge crossing of the Gray Wolf River. This is a closeup of the picture Bob took which shows the variety of plant life above the fungi.

Cleman Mtn

Looking toward Cleman Mtn from Oak Creek area

Coal Creek

One of the many small waterfalls along the coal creek trail near Cougar Mountain.

C. C. C. Worker Monument

Monument in Deception Pass State Park, Bowman Bay, to the Civilian Conservation Corps workers.

C. C. C. dedication plaque

Civilian Conservation Corps dedication plaque to the CCC workers in Washington State. Bowman Bay CCC camp, Deception Pass State Park.

The Pilgrimage

Morning sun on Mt. Index as hikers approach Lake Serene. The lake nestles at the base of the mountain.

Ludlow Falls

With the crazy rain we have had lately, my family and I decided to go check out the "Falls" and see what the voluminous rain had done to our local creek that is normally not much more than a dribble - - what a suprise awaited us! Normally the Ludlow Falls is a 1.25 mile loop (perfect for the family when letting the 2 year old walk it on his own!), however due to the recent heavy rains, part of the trail has washed out, and now you can go in either end of the loop, just not complete the loop. We walked our way in, and our little creek had become a raging class 5 (according to my 9 year old) rapid - - well, we can dream anyway - but it was beautiful to say the least.

Heather Lake

This was my first hike of the year and what a perfect start to the season. We left Everett at 5:30am to get to the trailhead around 6:30am. I always get to the trailhead as early as possible. You get the most dramatic and beautiful shadows in the early morning sun. I also don't mind the solitude of the early morning. We only saw one other hiker on our way down.

Unusual grass widow flower

Grass widow wildflowers are plentiful now at Snow Mountain Ranch. There are some unusual colored grass widow flowers like the one in this photo. Sagebrush buttercup, yellow bells, several varieties of desert parsley (lomatium), and sagebrush violet are at their peak.