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Cape Flattery-Most Northern Pt

It was a snowy, rainy, windy day but I finally got here! It was BEAUTIFUL, despite the conditions! Trail was in excellent condition.

Little Mashel Falls

With a heavy amount of water flowing over the falls, I had to find a spot where the mist was minimal. It was a great hike to this impressive waterfall.

Sunset at Carkeek

Sunset over the Olympic Mountains, seen from the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks.

rainbow alders

3 days out at wolf bar in the Quinault rain forest elements upon elements ... rain,snow,sun,sleet. beautiful

strength in numbers

sub alpine firs take on some fierce conditions at Mt. Rainier, they never do seem to mind.

eternal shadow

this is an optical illusion named Brocken Spectre ... The sun was rising as my friend and I were standing on the ridge line of Mt. Townsend this thin stratus cloud moved in. It looked as if my shadow was cast across the Dungeness valley towards Mt. Baldy, with a prism of colors surrounding it. This lasted on and off for 15 glorious minutes with the sun directly behind my back.

Dungeness River

Taken during a walk up the Upper Dungeness trail on May 18, 2012.