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Icicles dangle as Mt.Rainier looms in the distance; as viewed from Dirty Harry's Peak

Granite Mt. summit 12/30/12

View NE: Overcoat, Chimney Rock, Lemah, Chikamin. Thanks NOAA National Weather Service for the reliable predictions.

Paralyzed With Fear

While crossing the bridge to Monte Cristo Pax stepped through a slat and became paralyzed with fear of falling through.

Winter Wonderland

New Year's Day Snowshoe memories will live in my head for years to come...

Is the Branch Manager Available?

A beautiful forest view on a winter hike: an old-growth cedar tree (Thuja plicata) on the trail to Fragrance Lake presents an intricate filigree pattern when viewed from below. Taken with a Nikon S8200; shutter 1/50, aperture F/4, ISO 160.