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Palouse Falls

The setting sun reflecting off passing stormclouds bathes Palouse Falls in warm reddish light. Thanks to spring runoff, now is a great time to visit the falls.

Short-eared owl

Just as I was driving up to the dike access, this owl was drawing attention to the rules of the locale.

Hex Mountain

Be prepared out there in the winter! Carry the Ten Essentials and winter survival gear in your backpack when snowshoeing and hiking.

Young Trees

Pass through a valley of mini trees before climbing Hex Mountain.

Mailbox peak

At the peak with the sun peaking through. Super cold up there!

Cascade at Mallardy Ridge

A bad weather snowshoe up to Mallardy Ridge resulted in little picture taking. On our way down after crossing the bridge I stopped and snapped this long exposure of the cascade. I didn't have a tripod with me so I braced my hand against the railing and hoped for the best. I was very pleased when I loaded the images to my computer the following day and found that it turned out just as I envisioned.

A lot of birds

Often our mountain peaks are obscured by fog...but, geese?

Swan sunset

Grazing swans ignore the sunset on Mt. Baker

Approaching Skyline Divide

Wildflowers line the trail as backpacker Kent Doughty approaches Skyline Divide on our trek back down to the Skyline Divide trailhead on the last day of our three-day backpacking trip into Chowder Basin.

Mount Index from Heybrook Lookout

Black-and-white view of Mount Index (center), taken from Heybrook Lookout, March 24, 2013. Taken with a Nikon S8200, 1/400 sec, F 7.2, ISO 100.

Shooting Star

Found this shooting star along with many others while out exploring the Quincy Lakes in Eastern WA.

Ebey's Historical Landing on Whidbey Island

Hikers on the bluff trail at Ebey's Historical Landing on Whidbey Island. This is by far the best bluff trail overlooking Pudget Sound with unobstructed views of Olympic Mountains.